The Darkest Song

A darker strain of music came to visit my world;

I tried everything I could to block the sound that felt like an assault upon my soul.

I didn’t want to hear the notes that pierced me and stirred shadows I thought no longer

hungered for my attention.

And yet the dissonant sound continued to haunt my nights.

The sheets on my bed bore testament to these nightly struggles,

In the morning they resembled the tattered masts of a ship caught in a wild storm.

I would hum to myself on nights like these;

Like a child walking past a graveyard hoping to scare the ghosts away.

The dark song started to follow me through the days;

Dogging my steps, seemingly so much taller than any shadow I could cast by my mere

physical presence.

It would screech loudly at me demanding to be heard.

I threw things at the shadows it cast.

It didn’t care.

I grew incredibly weary fighting the shadows,

Trying to block the deafening din of a song that terrified me to my core.

So eventually I stopped and just listened, too tired to do anything else except surrender.

Something shifted;

What has once seemed unintelligible to me in all of that discord gradually started to

make sense.

All that I had hidden,

All that I had disowned within myself,

Came to rest within my ears.

I sat there with my song and listened to the words,

And gradually started to make peace with what I had created.

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