Bloom (for my son)

“Unfolding is never easy you know”, said the dark soil to the seedling who wanted to become a flower.

“You are going to have to resist the urge to stay hidden and asleep,

safe in this darkness.

You will feel pain as you start to stretch yourself,

And, my love, when your tender green shoots first meet the sun,

It may well feel like you will burn in all of that light.

And dear little seed,

The journey does not end there.

When you have grown and your first bud appears,

Unfolding can feel very difficult.

You must allow each petal to unfold without holding on too tightly,

And you must be willing to open yourself so fully –

That the most vulnerable part of you is revealed;

That’s where your perfume lies.

Little seedling,

This is what it takes to Bloom”.

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